the more things change, the more things stay the same except blogs, they've all moved on to new homes. what remains here is the main page of a family of sites, literally, the various sites for our family domain - all those article links you've been following that lead to here are probably somewhere on

Folks ask, "What do you do?" and I'd never knew what to say, it was as if I should have some precognition on what my next great work would be; I hadn't a clue, so I'd fill out the 'proper' designations, and, sure enough, nothing would follow. Later, there'd be a call, out of the blue, word got around. I had no idea what it was I 'did', other than it never seemed to repeat.

But it occurs to me, yes, I do know! For the past 45 years, I have been a sort of digital mid-wife, giving life to the digital dreams, to get it started, to see the thing begin, and, my job done, move on.